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This website is great for finding pieces that are public domain.


Enter a role you would sing in an opera (i.e. Violetta) and it will give you opera roles that might suite your voice.


Song of America

Classical Vocal Reprints


A catalogue of art song listed with key words to help discover pieces addressing a specific topic. Great resource for planning a themed recital.


IPA Source

Russian Art Song

A great source for Russian IPA and some sound files.

Sing Russian

Contains audio files for listening to pronunciation as well as contacts to book pronunciation coachings.


Met Opera Synopses

Reading a synopsis of the opera you’re singing an aria in is beneficial to understanding your role and the story surrounding the aria. Also reading them before attending an opera is helpful to follow the storyline.


Italian Libretti

A great source to access almost all Italian opera libretti.

Libretto Index

Access to hundreds of libretti and even more sources linked from this website.



Met Opera On-Demand

This is a great place to watch operas online. For $14.99 a month you have unlimited access to videos and audio of Met productions. You can sign up for a free seven day trial to check it out. If you don’t want a monthly subscription you can pay per opera.

Naxos Music Library

A seemingly unlimited resource of classical tracks, this is a great place to listen to all the music you want without ads. You can create your own playlists and download an app (apple or google) to listen on your phone.

Programs and Auditions

YAP Tracker

This database gives you updates on upcoming auditions for summer programs, main stage operas, choruses, and more. A year subscription is $55 or you can get two years and save a couple bucks.

Classical Singer


Programs I’ve Sung In:

Angels Vocal Art

Bay View Music Festival 

Russian Opera Workshop

Chicago Summer Opera

Luke Housner Workshops

Utah Vocal Arts Academy


Art Song Collection 

The Last Prima Donnas

Your Voice by Douglas Stanley


Mango Languages

Many local libraries will subscribe to Mango, allowing you to use this resource without cost. There is also an app available from the Apple Store and Google Play.


This free resource is available online and through an app with many languages to learn from. You can pay a fee to remove the ads and support them.

Tiny Cards-Duolingo

Having a hard time remembering that word or what article comes before it? This great resource comes in handy standing in line at starbucks or waiting for the bus. Memorize words to start putting into your vocabulary!

Florio’s 1611 Italian/English Dictionary

The author, John Florio, was the son of Michaelangelo Florio who fled Italy to avoid persecution due to his conversion to Protestantism after being a Franciscan friar. John Florio was commissioned by Queen Anna to compile an Italian/English dictionary for her Italian studies. This work is perfect for finding the definitions of archaic Italian words no longer used in the vernacular or have the same meaning.

501 Italian Verbs

501 German Verbs

501 French Verbs


Maria Callas at Juilliard 

Carnegie Hall


Garcia’s New Treatise on the Art of Singing

The Silver Singing Method 

Corfe: A Treatise on Singing

Marchesi Singing Method

Youtube Channels

Live Opera Singers

My personal playlist consisting of videos of my favorite opera singers.

Lohengrin O

Mister Opera

Dead Tenors’ Society



Silver Singing Method


Great Opera Singers

Modern Singer Magazine 

Lucas Meachem